Pros and Cons of Huawei Honor Holly2 Plus

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Huawei Honor Holly 2 is an affordable Android Lollipop, with excellent features. Let's take a look at the specs, pros and cons.

On book, specification looks like this: 
  • 13MP primary camera and 5MP front facing camera
  • 5-inch (12.7 centimeters) IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, 296 ppi pixel density and 16M color support
  • Android v5.1 Lollipop operating system with 1.3 GHz. MTK MT6735P Cortex A53 quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB and dual micro SIM (4G + 4G)
  • 4000mAH Li-polymer battery with smart power 3.0 providing talk-time of 18.33 hours on 2G and standby time of 720 hours on 4G networks
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase.

4000mAH battery gives excellent backup
RAM of 1.2 GB
Less expensive than phones with similar specs
Fast charging
GSM & CDMA Networks are supported

No OTG Support

Price: Rs.8499/- on Amazon

Rating: 4.5/5


Get Paid App for free on Amazon Underground (with free in-app purchases)!!

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I know this blog has been dead for nearly four years! So, I decided to revive it for good. And, I will talk about games and apps, mainly on Android platform. Okay, let's get started. 

Today, I want to talk about Amazon Underground, a place where you can get a handful of paid apps for free! Absolutely free, even the in-app purchases won't cost you a dime! I don't really know how this works. But once you download and install the Amazon Underground App , you get to download and use 100% free versions of popular apps and games like Frozen Free Fall, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, OfficeSuite Professional 8, Goat Simulator, Angry Birds Slingshot Stella and many more. Have you ever wanted unlimited coins to buy those power ups or unlock levels? Well, now you can do that and much more. Most of the apps and games work without network connection, but some of them require it though. That's a bummer, but you won't notice because most of them work without network connection, like I said. I've downloaded all versions of my favorite game "Cut the Rope" and it works without any network whatsoever unless you want to make a purchase, which is of course free! There are many versions of Angry Birds too and a lot of interactive books for kids. Some of the popular apps available include:

Fruit Ninja -5th Anniversary Edition
Where's My Water? 2
Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games
Doodle Jump

So, try Amazon Underground today and let me know how it goes! 

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Facebook Tricks 2012 - Status Update from Any Device

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So you want to play prank on your friends on FACEBOOK?
Then I have a Trick for you !!!
With this trick whenever you update your status, then facebook shows you that your status is updated via [BlackBerry BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry,PlayBook, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Android, Calculator] to your friends

So this trick is to make fool to your friends.. .

Here are some link given below to play this prank with your friends but when you click on any of given link then facebook ask you to ALLOW PERMISSION then just ALLOW it [as shown in figure]


List of Online Shopping Sites In India

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How To Keep Your Internet Running Smooth

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If you are like most people, there is a good chance you use the internet on a daily basis. Since almost anything can be accomplished online nowadays, it is easy to see why. Sometimes the internet does not always run as smoothly as we would like it to, though. This can easily get frustrating if you are trying to get a bunch of things done. Luckily the following tips will teach you how to keep your internet running smoothly, so you can always surf the web worry-free.
1. Maintain a Secure Connection
Maintaining a secure internet connection is one way to keep your internet running smoothly. When you set up your connection, make sure you use strong passwords that no one else can guess. Also be sure that you have a form of encryption in place so your information cannot be easily cracked by others. If you do not maintain a secure connection, there is a good chance your neighbors will take advantage of your internet signal. If you “share” your signal with others, it will likely not run as smoothly. It is a good idea to take a minute to secure your connection if you have not done so already.
2. Perform Regular Cleanups
Another way to keep your internet running smoothly is to perform regular cleanups of your computer. By taking the time to remove unnecessary temporary internet files and cookies on a regular basis, it can help keep the internet running smoothly. These sometimes annoying files are created every time you visit a webpage, so they accumulate quickly and can clog your computer’s memory. It is a good idea to do a weekly cleanup to remove these unnecessary items. All you have to do is go into the “Internet Options” menu and there will be an option for you to delete these files.
3. Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software
In order to keep your internet running smoothly, it is very important to have updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software in place at all times. These programs prevent nasty things from making their way onto your computer’s hard drive and causing chaos for both your internet connection and computer.
4. Always Check for Running Programs
Although you may not think that running programs in the background will influence your internet’s performance, in all reality it can. Before you get on the internet, make sure there are no programs running in the background on your computer. Programs such as anti-virus software and system updates often run automatically and can use much of your computer’s bandwidth. This in turn can cause your internet to run slower. It is a good idea to adjust the settings of your anti-virus and system update software so they run during the middle of the night, when you are less likely to be online.
5. Keep Your Browser and Drivers Updated
To help keep your internet running smoothly, you should always keep your internet browser, firmware, and drivers updated. Check your internet browser regularly to see if you are using the latest version, as the most recent versions usually run the smoothest. Also check the website of your router’s manufacturer to see if there are any updates for the drivers or firmware. These little updates may seem insignificant, but they often fix minor issues with your equipment.
6. Avoid File Sharing Programs
Programs that allow you to share files with other internet users can be detrimental to both your internet’s performance and your computer’s health. This is especially true for free music-sharing programs. In addition to using lots of memory, these programs often run constantly. Downloading files from unknown sources can also up your risk for viruses and other threats. To keep your internet running smoothly, it is best to avoid using these programs altogether.
Now that you know these helpful tips, you should be able to keep your internet running smoothly at all times. Sometimes your computers registry files maybe corrupted due to constant exposure to these threats. In that case you may want to clean your registry and optimize your I personally have been using some tools to fix Windows Errors Optimize PC, which is very effective. Once you see the results, you will be so glad you took the time to put these simple tips to work.

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