Key Locked In Your Car?

Posted by author On Sunday, February 6, 2011 1 comments
Maybe you have felt that anxiety: not even a second after your car door locks shut, you notice that the vehicle is all secure and your keyring is inside the car. What will you do? How will you secure a ride home? Do you know where and if you keep an extra car key? All of this goes through your mind aside from the most critical question: How are you going to fix this?
The most obvious solution is to remember your spare key. Generally, anytime you purchase your car, you’re handed two keys. One set you carry with you, and the other is best hidden away somewhere safe. If you have a person who can pick up the duplicate key and bring it to where you are, then the most you have lost is a little time fretting, and a bit of pride.
Still, perhaps you don’t have a person in a position to assist, or maybe your spare key is missing. A viable solution is to call your auto club, or any roadside assistance service. If your car is still within the timeframe of the standard warranty, then you potentially already have a roadside assistance plan. If not, but you or any passenger with you is a member of a club like AAA, then that provider can provide assistance.
Your third option for assistance is to contact a locksmith. He can come to your car and find a way to open your car door for a price. However, such a service call can cost more bucks than you are ready to spend, more so after everyday business hours.
Your last alternative is to pop the lock yourself. You will want to attempt this on a car door that’s not one you open as often, perhaps the rear passenger side, just in case you don’t get it done right. You’re going to need an unbent wire clothes hanger, or something similar, with a long, thin reaching implement and a strong curve on the end. In a dark setting you will need a flashlight or other such light source. You will also potentially have use for something small but not critical, for example a pen.
Push the black, rubbery gasket away from the window and keep the spot open by squeezing the pen or pencil into the space. Peer down along the hole you have made into your vehicle door. You will see an iron rod that works the door lock. Very deliberately push the clothes hanger hook-side down into the car door. Manuever the hook to catch the iron rod and shimmy the metal rod in the direction that the door unlocks from the interior. When the vehicle clicks open, carefully slide the coat hanger and the space holder out of the door frame and open your vehicle.
The best idea is to prepare a contingency plan in case you find you locked your keys in the car again!


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