How to add keywords into blog header in Blogger

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How to make your pages rank high in google

Input a keyword relating to your website or put your website address and search
You will see a list of keywords and no of searches and competition.
Select a keywords that have a reasonable amount of searches and least competition.
Add these keyword to your website's meta data.

How to add keywords into your blogger blog.

Go to
Sign in with your account
Select the blog you want to edit
Go to Design----->Edit HTML
Find this line (Press Ctrl + F and paste the line)
Add the following lines under it. Replace the text in italics with your own data.

<meta content='Internet tips, tricks, free seo tools, ebooks, articles and online earning' name='description'/>
<meta content='ece ebooks, free ebook download, electronic book download, free ebook download' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='Jerin Fernandez' name='author'/>

After a while you will see that your site ranks high and appears in the first page of google search

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