What is SEO? How To Do SEO?

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Today most people who own a company or business have a website to mark their presence online. The motive behind these websites is nothing but to attract potential clients. But from where do people hear about a new website that has just been launched. Clearly it is not possible to email every internet user with the address of your new website. So we have to think where do people look for information? Let’s say you want to download free music. What will you do? That’s right you will search in Google or Yahoo. Every internet user relies on search engines when they are in need of specific information. They use Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more search engines. This fact makes it necessary that your website is in the index of these search engines so that when people search for the type of content that matches your website’s content they will find your website.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process done to make your website known to search engines and thereby increasing the visitors to your website. Web traffic or visitors reaching your website from search engine results is called organic traffic. The primary objective of SEO is to increase organic traffic.
SEO is done is two steps :– on-page optimization and off- page optimization.
On-page Optimization
On-page optimization involves addition of proper title and description to your pages, header tags, alt tags and w3c validation. The title and description must contain your keywords. Keywords are also added to the head section of your page’s html code and are called header tags. Similarly alt tags are added to image files. In case images don’t load the text in alt tag is displayed. It is important that your website has unique content for it to shows up higher in search results. If you observe these on-page optimization techniques your have done half SEO job on your website.
Off-page optimization
This process is also known as link building. After fully optimizing your website’s pages you have to move on to this process. It involves creating links to your pages from other pages and websites. Link building ensures that your website ranks high in search results as well as generate additional traffic from these links on other sites. These links created with link building are known as backlinks. There are several link bulding techniques in practice. It is not necessary to follow all the methods, but one or two done well will have good results.
These are the link building techniques
1) Article Submission - Submitting articles to article directories like Ezine Articles. These articles carry backlinks to your website.
2) Directory Submission - Submitting your website to directories which index websites of different niche.
3) Blog Commenting - Commenting on other people's blogs with link to your website
4) Press Release - Creating Press Releases about your website
5) Forum Posting - Posting in forums with links in your forum signature.
6) Social Bookmarking - Submitting pages in your website to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit
7) Search Engine Submission - Manually submitting your website to search engines
If you follow these steps your website will be easily indexed in google and traffic will fly to your site in no time.

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