Apple Dreams Of A World Without Wires

Posted by author On Wednesday, April 13, 2011 0 comments

Apple is supposedly working on a method to sync iPods and iTunes wirelessly. It’s just another footstep in Apple’s sturdy march en route for making wires and cords history.
Steve Jobs seems to be pushing hard to make the next generation iPods capable of this sort of wireless sync.  iPods with wireless sync would make the USB cable outdated. Instead of importing music, movies and apps through Apple’s iconic 30-pin connector, it would automatically sync whenever a user is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
There are over a few hurdles standing in Apple’s way, though. The Big questions still appears to be about the reliability and signal strength of wireless syncing, and in fact it can use up battery life. To take in hand those issues, the world’s most valuable tech company has been purportedly testing iPods with carbon fiber cases, rather than the aluminum used in most of the traditional iPods.
Adding fuel to the fire, Apple has also recently hired Kevin Kenney, a senior composites engineer, an expert in carbon fiber. Actually has worked with Apple in the past and has even been named in some of Apple’s patents.
One caution to the carbon fiber rumors, though: the stuff is conductive and presents its own set of problems when transmitting wireless signals. Of course, nobody really knows what type of designs Apple may or may not be testing with the next-generation iPod, because nobody knows what Apple has in mind.

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