8 iphone 4 tricks you didn't know

Posted by author On Tuesday, May 10, 2011 0 comments

Smart phones such as iPhone 4 have an enormous category of features. Naturally, users are not aware of all the features. It is important that you grasp all the iPhone 4 tricks in good time; that way you can make your experience further enhanced every day. I would simply like to speed up the process of learning all the features by giving you access to all the iPhone 4 tricks I am aware of.

1) Editing your emails is super easy with the iPhone 4; you can choose to delete them individually or all at once. To delete all just go to edit function and select all. To delete one particular email simply swipe on that particular email from right to left.

2) If you want to type faster just tap on the spacebar, it will both put a period as well as a space. Hence, you type more quickly.

3) This is one of my favorite iPhone 4 tricks, by simply tapping on the screen's bottom corner users can quickly navigate through their phone.

4) The iPhone 4 has got amazing Backup and syncing function. Users can prevent unwanted disturbance while doing so by taking off the SIM card when the backup begins. This won't do any harm to the phone and users can use another device to make calls by inserting the SIM card.

5) You can place the icons anywhere you wish to simply by pressing and dragging them wherever you want on the screen.

6) Any of the websites you're on could be fitted on the iPhone 4's screen by a quick double tap on a column.

7) Website icons could be added on the home screen if you hit on the plus icon

8) iPhone's microphone has got a button which allows multi functions at the time of calls.

I am sure that after going through the list of iPhone 4 tricks mentioned above you will have lots of fun with your iPhone 4 and be able to use it to its best. With a lot more usage you will discover many more such tricks on your own as well.

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