Amazon expects to sell 8 Million Kindle units in 2011

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Everyone who has a television set or internet connection has heard about the Amazon Kindle eReader. Just like the iPad, the Kindle benefits from being the initial model in a consumer electronics niche that it created. When people think eReader, they think Kindle. And rightfully so, as the Kindle captured over 45 % of the eReader market in 2010, and currently has over 41 % of the market in 2011. With a dozen or more eReaders on the market, and Tablet PCs being used as eReaders too, 41 % of a market with so many options is staggering.

And as long as Amazon continues to price their device at bargain basement retail, and make the majority of their profits off of the high margin eBooks they sell, they will probably not lose any market share any time soon. Because of pressure from tablets and other eReaders, Amazon has recently lowered the retail on their two best selling eReaders by a sizable $25. This meant an immediate sales burst on their $114 Wifi Kindle that was $139, and also on the $164 Kindle 3G that was $189. The only stipulation is those lower priced models have Special Offers displayed on the Kindle home screen and screen savers.

The move was thought to be widely shunned by consumers, but since Amazon made the offers presented to Kindle owners so attractive, it was like paying a lower retail price now, and being offered to save even more money later. Another example of Amazon’s brilliant marketing expertise.

And it is because of this expertise that Bloomberg raised their expectations for 2011 sales number for the Amazon Kindle. Last year the Kindle sold “only” 2.4 million units of all models, and this year Bloomberg had slated Amazon to double that mark, and move 5 million Kindle devices. However, after the price-cutting moves, and contact with two “Amazon employees” lose to the Kindle marketing arm, Bloomberg raised their estimate to a whopping 8 million units.

There are even a few professional bloggers who have stated they think the Kindle can match the iPad 2 in sales, because many emerging tablets will eat into the iPad 2′s numbers. Even if not, the Kindle appears poised to more than triple last year’s numbers. If Amazon’s past marketing performance is any indicator, look for more of the same eReader market cornering in the last half of 2011 and beyond.

Still, there’s a strong argument that far from killing the Kindle, the iPad has indirectly helped Amazon. It’s arguably focused attention on the strengths of the Kindle for people who are primarily interested in a portable reading device. And more importantly, it’s likely one of the main reasons Amazon has cut prices to have the entry level Kindle at $139. That not only puts it firmly in the “impulse buy” category of electronic goods, but also makes it an affordable (if not inexpensive) gift option.

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