Kindle’s Sunshine Deals Impact its Bestseller List

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Amazon’s Kindle Sunshine Deals that took off just four days back is already bringing huge changes in the Bestselling Kindle title’s list. Kindle Sunshine Deals involves the sale of 600 Kindle books from small and mid-sized publishers and new authors at huge discounts, bringing the price down to $0.99-$2.99 per title.
Earlier, the average price of an eBook on Kindle’s top 100 bestselling title’s list was $7.75. Ever since the Sunshine Deals promotion, the average price has dropped 17% to $6.43. The change is obviously due to the large number of titles being sold via the promotion. The titles on discount include favorites such as Have A New Kid By Fridayby Kevin Leman ($2.99), My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler ($1.99), Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley ($2.99), The Fountain Overflows: Saga of the Century by Rebecca West ($0.99) and lots more.

eBook Market View has a chart to show what’s happening to Kindle Bestsellers in June. They track books in bestseller lists by 4 price bands: Band 1 (Super-discounted at $0-$2.99), Band 2 (Discounted at $3-$7.99), Band 3 (Value at $8-$9.99), and Band 4 (Premium at $10+). Usually the proportion for each band is consistent in Kindle’s top 100 bestselling books list. But this month, the number of titles in Band 1 has increased dramatically from 31 titles on day 1 to 47 on day 4, a 52% jump.
Amazon seems to have got the Midas touch lately with every new promotion or product churning out dollars for the retail giant.
Is your favorite on sale in Kindle’s Sunshine Deal?

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