Editing splash screen name of java apps

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Do you want to personalize your java apps with your splashes and name?
Then here's a tutorial for you!!!
1.) HxD Hex Editor(PC) or MobileHex/ZNXTHAN (Mobile)
2.) WinRar(PC) Or Jarboom (Mobile)
3.) Image Ready or any image editor (PC) OR Image Designer (Mobile)
I am giving example of editing splash of Opera Mini 4.2!!!
So here we go
1.) Extract all the files of the java app you want to edit(Here Opera mini 4.2)

2.) Open HxD Hex Editor and open v file from the extracted files.

3.) Next go to search option or Ctrl + F and search for PNG.

4.) There are only two png in the v file.

5.) Go to the second one. It will be something like (ePNG........IHDR...b.........6A?>...`PLTE#..,.'OW uooyyyE,4-O|oEEiieuiie)
6.) Open the splash you have created i.e png file you have created (Splash creation tutorial below) in HxD Hex Editor in another tab.

Click this bar to view the small image.

7.) Press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy all the Hex of the png file.

8.) Next Go to the tab of V file and select text from ePNG to IENDRB`,

9.) Now press Ctrl+B to paste write. So all the text will become red in color.

10.) Now if the file size of the splash you created is smaller than 770 bytes, then you can find a second IENDRB`, AS IN above screenshot.
11.) So now select the remaining text(which is not red) upto IENDRB`, AS IN above screenshot.
12.) Now go to edit and fill selection option and fill HEX values = 00

13.) Now save the file.
14.) Update the modded file with winrar or jarboom.

15.) Your Splash is Ready. See the output by installing in your phone or Kemulator or other emulator


I suggest you to prepare your splash in ImageDesigner. It is a good python image editor and creator. And by using the image compression feature decrease the size to 770 bytes or lower.
NOTE: Keep the
1.)File size 770 bytes or below
2.)Format as PNG
3.)Dimensions as you wish (98 X 42 - My dimensions)
1.) Open the file in HxD Hex Editor, and search for OPERA MINI
2.) But here you can change this only by 10 letters as OPERA MINI=10 words.
3.) You can also change other places and warnings or notes by searching for it like LOADING

NOTE: But Keep in Mind that keep the no. of characters same i.e [color=red]Loading=7. So keep no. of characters 7.

Increasing no. of characters or inserting bytes will change file size and result in crashing of the program.

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