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FIFA 2011 Mobile Game


Review: FIFA 11 Mobile

Another year, another rendition of the FIFA franchise on console, portable and PC.

Running on basically the same graphics system and gameplay style as its recent predecessors, we thought that FIFA 11 on the mobile platform was very much the same bit of steak and potatoes as practically all of the games in the franchise. However, FIFA 11 has some rather drastic changes that did raise some eyebrows.

First off, the controls are pretty awkward, moving around with the d-pad feels rather clumsy. And the in-game targeting system really doesn’t help either. It tries to make the game easier by automatically targeting to the 'best' player to pass to, depending on your direction. This usually ends up with a fumble and you're so easily blocked by members of the opposing team its not funny.

As far as modes are concerned, you have a wide choice of gameplay modes to choose from, from Friendly matches to the Virtual Pro mode, where you sort of grow a single player.

Graphics wise, the game hasn't quite changed much from the previous title, but considering the game is played from top-down, there really isn't much room for improvement and neither are the graphics too small to see whats going on either, so its pretty good as it is.

As a whole, the game does cater well to FIFA fans, but the dissapointing controls might put most off.

WE ARE 11! Feel the new thrill of night games and penalty shootouts in EA SPORTS FIFA 11! 
Be a pro and play in 10 official European leagues, join the knockout tournament or just practice your free kick skills. Join Kaka, Rooney, Lampard, Benzema and other superstars in the worlds #1 football game on mobile!

Download FIFA 11

Play Football 2011

Play Football 2011 - play football
Get ready for a real passion for football and adrenaline in the new simulator with incredible graphics! Choose a command from clubs and national teams, determine the tactics of the game imminent and work out in training mode to get the most from his players and lead the team to top honors! Three cameras, a luxurious three-advanced artificial intelligence and more realistic movement of 1000 - this game has everything that fans expect from the best football, and more!

Download Play Football 2011

Real Football / Real Soccer 2011

III-REAL FOOTBALL 2011-III « - realfootball nokiaREAL FOOTBALL 2011 PREVIEW - rf
We've brought the game to an all-new playing field for the most realistic football experience ever: Witness cool new graphics and animations; experience the intensity of being a real football champion like David Villa; and lead your favourite team, including all the real players, to victory. Numerous game modes provide endless hours of fun. You can even challenge friends via Bluetooth Multiplayer mode and rise to the top of the global leaderboard.


* Completely revamped graphics and animations with realistic players, stadiums and lighting effects.

* Choose from 245 teams in 9 leagues with all the real players's names thanks to the FIFPro licence.

* Play against friends locally via Bluetooth and climb the RF League leaderboard by playing a season.

* Play a variety of game modes: Historic Challenges let you relive football history, or Become a Legend and control 1 player for a season.

* Unlock achievements by performing amazing football feats! Can you score 5 goals in 1 match?

* Answer fun football trivia during loading screens.

Download Real Soccer 2011


Play Football Manager 2011

To you belong, and team management skills to lead his team to victory. In the Play Football Management 2011 will take an active part in all aspects of running the club, including team training, budget, advertising and even the price of tickets. You can train the players individually and put them on sale at the right time. Develop tactics, make adjustments, and even watch his matches by the simulator!

Download Play Football Manager 2011

TOURNAMENT ARENA SOCCER 3D 2011 (TASO 3D 2011) (EN/RU/TR) 5 stadiums, 6 leagues, 176 teams, 2000 players and 2 game modes; all come together in a real 3D environment to give you the higher pleasure of playing football! Next generation football game takes the field for the next match with its new 2011 version! 5 stadiums, 6 leagues, 176 teams, 2000 players and 2 game modes; all come together in a real 3D environment to give you the higher pleasure of playing football! The wide-angle camera and the high playability will make you feel like being on the pitches! Tournament Arena Soccer 3D brings the game pleasure of the consoles into your mobile!

Currently only 1 link is available for this game. Will add more soon

Download TASO 2011 (240x320)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 240x320

 pro evolution soccer 2011.jpg
Get ready to experience top football with the new and improved PES 2011! Lead world-famous teams to victory in first class competitions like UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League. Either a football beginner or true expert, you'll have full control over the play, enjoying a deep level of realism. The improvements brought to this year's edition of the award-winning football simulation will allow you to experience an unlimited freedom of play on your mobile phone.
Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Soccer Unleashed 
screenshot01.png screenshot02.png
Soccer Unleashed is soccer mobile game for J2me platform. Users are able to play for 16 national teams in friendships matches or in world championship modes. The game has quality AI, graphics, sounds and game play.

Download Soccer Unleashed

2010 FIFA World Cup : South Africa

screenshot01.jpg screenshot02.jpg
Lead your country to victory! Celebrate the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Play the only official World Cup game for mobile! Choose from 105 International Teams and play as your own country. Captain your country and pull off match-winning displays with world-class touch control. Feel the real sights and sounds inside 3 energized stadiums of the host nation. Only EA SPORTS 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa delivers the world's most exciting sporting event!

Download 2010 FIFA World Cup : South Africa

Football Manager Pro : World Cup

 football manager pro - world cup.jpg
football manager pro - world cup.jpg
You are hired as the promising football manager, and your destination can't be clearer -- to lead your team to the champion of Wold Cup! Now everything is under your control: You can even feel free to name all your 23 players! We just expect your unique leadership to the summit in South Africa.

Download Football Manager Pro : World Cup

Sensible Soccer Skills

screenshot01.gif screenshot02.gif
Coach the Blue Devils, Manuster United, as they take on competition in their quest for Glory. Play as an Amateur or a Pro and participate in tournaments while coaching the team in 9 different training exercises to improve the overall skill-sets of the players to create the best team in soccer history. Live the dream of being a soccer team coach and see your team become the tournament champions.

Download Sensible Soccer Skills

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