Get instant free mobile recharge - the best trick of November 2011

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Get free mobile recharge for Airtel, Docomo,  Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance or any operator.

Now you can get 100% free mobile recharge online.!!

This site had been there for a long time. But I thought it was fake. Then I tried and it worked!!!

Here is how to get free mobile recharge.

SignUp with this website Amulyam - trust me it is 100% genuine!!

This is how the site works. They send you emails almost every day. All you have to do is open the links in them and you get .25 paise per email. You also get Bonus emails occasionally which pay more!! And there are free offers on their site. All you have to do is sign up with some websites which is also free. Each free offer can get you Rs. 3 ot Rs. 2

When you have a minimum balance of Rs. 10 you can request a free recharge!!!

Create a new gmail id. You need this so that you can easily open mails coming from them and you won't ever miss out them!!

Go to this page and complete the FREE offers. Here is a screenshot!!

As you can see the free offers add upto more than Rs. 10, so you get your first recharge too!! But you can also keep the money  and do a Rs. 50 recharge like me after a few days. There is even more! You can invite your friends and get commission when they complete these free offers :) 

Go to this link to see your balance.

When you have atleast Rs.10 ( for Docomo Rs.11) you can do an instant recharge on your phone or friend's phone!!

Go to to do your instant recharge

So what are you waiting for go get your free recharge at Amulyam

Hope I helped you!! Please share with your friends and like us if you do!

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