Mobile Java Games 2012 - Sports Edition - Par 1

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  Ultimate Snowboarding

ultimate snowboarding.jpg
ultimate snowboarding.jpg
ultimate snowboarding.jpg

Jump on board and fasten the attacks.
But - this slope is different from the others!
It is the territory of the Yeti.
An explosive mixture!
You can tackle them alone in the Quick Start or so defeat them with friends in Hot Seat mode.
And when you hear a sample of snowboarding, test your skills in Career mode.
Use the moves known and conquered the admiration of the girl.
You will not regret.




Skydiving Challenge

skydiving challenge.jpg
skydiving challenge.jpg
skydiving challenge.jpg

Play as a daredevil skydiver traveling the globe, taking on challengers.
Jump from eccentric heights in a race to the ground, performing stunts and evading obstacles in the air.
Experience the excitement in over 40 levels in Career mode.
See how long you can last in the endless survival mode Free Fall.
Feel the rush, free fall to victory and gain fans in Skydiving Challenge!

Download Skydiving Challenge


Beach Volleyball

beach volleyball.jpg
beach volleyball.jpg
beach volleyball.jpg

Test your skills in this Volleyball tournament on the Beach with Jarbull Beach Volleyball.
Travel from Miami to Dubai to Phuket Beaches on Volleyball World Tour.
Jarbull Beach Volleyball mobile game is a sports game featuring hot girls, scorching sun, and a valuable trophy that awaits you...
Use your phone's [Arrow Keys] to move your players towards the ball and press [Fire] to use service with rules.
Don't stroke in the water or you will lose the ball.
Beware, the Competition is especially tough this year!!

Download Beach Volleyball

Ultimate Ski Racing 2

ultimate ski racing 2.gif
ultimate ski racing 2.gif
ultimate ski racing 2.gif
ultimate ski racing 2.gif

Show your love for the winter in the new game Ultimate Ski Racing 2! If you love snow, fashionable ski goggles and enthusiastic cheers of fans, this game is for YOU! Skate in 10 countries around the world and win the gold cup! Normal and giant slalom and downhill, will allow you to hone their skills and become a legend in the winter games! Already reached the top and want to participate in the new competition? Challenge your friends in multiplayer Hot Seat!


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