I bought this product with lots of skepticism but it has surprised me. I liked the pink strap color and placed an order. Received product in two days. The fitness band is very easy to charge as it requires no external chords. The in-built USB dongle makes it easy to just plug and charge from any USB port. Charges pretty fast in less than 2 hours.


Companion App - Easy to set up with Bluetooth. It shows detailed info about steps, sleep etc and you can manage notifications, alarms from within the app. Both Android and iOS versions are there.
Watch with date and battery level indicator, Bluetooth on/off indicator
Step counter and pedometer - it shows how many steps you took on the day, how many kilometers you walked, how much time you have been active and how many calories were burned
Sleep tracker - tracks your sleep every night
Anti-loss feature and phone finder
Notifications - In addition to call alerts you get Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc notifications displayed on the screen.
Sedentary alert - This is an awesome feature. It reminds you to move around if you stay sedentary for a long time - you can set how long before the reminder should be shown.

The product box contains a guide that explains everything well.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and quality.