I bought it when my Sony hi-res earphones stopped working on one side. I was at first skeptical about audio quality from wireless headsets but this one is beyond my expectations.

Long battery backup.
Easy to pair and connect to multiple devices at the same time.
Excellent audio quality.
Best for watching movies on Amazon Fire Stick, playing games on your phone and listening to podcasts and music.
Music quality is also very decent with this headset. You can hear a lot more instruments while listening to music which is usually blurred out by too much of bass. I love listening to dance, pop, country and soft music on this. If you are a big fan of bass, you might not like it as much.
It is very comfortable to put on and foldable so that you can carry it around.

Some genre of music, especially metal might not sound that good because of less bass. But I don't like bass and I love how this one sounds.

To pair to Bluetooth devices:
Press and hold the power button until you hear "power on" and blue led flashes. Then keep pressing for a few more seconds till red and blue led flashes alternately. Then connect your device to the headset.

Box contains: headset, USB charging cable, audio cable with 3.5mm jack output.