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Apr 2, 2019

Is hiring the best SEO expert in Kerala the only thing you need to rank high on Google SERP?

When a customer contacts us and asks how to rank on the first page of Google, we first explain to them the way things work. We never make false promises. If your website looks like crap, we will say that to you directly because we don’t want you to invest on something which has no scope  of getting you any results. In such cases, we will suggest you change or modify the design and make the websites' user experience better.

SEO can be considered as a relay run with 4 participants – business owner, website designer, content writer and SEO expert.
  • Business owner must have a proper idea regarding his business and target audience.
  • Website designer must create the website in line with good SEO practices.
  • Content writer must write original, SEO friendly and interesting content.
  • SEO experts do a lot of things to help you rank but the first three runners should do their part well. 
Without a proper foundation, no SEO specialist in India or abroad can work wonders for you. This is something you must understand. Get a good design and don’t hesitate to invest in quality content. These are one time investments and influences a lot in the conversion rate. The amount spent can be obtained back may be with a single conversion. If you would like to get your website on top of Google, contact us, we have SEO packages starting from Rs.5000 per month. 

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